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Morunda is not only a recruitment firm, but also a source of information for candidates in the pharmaceutical industry who care about their careers. We strive to develop our best advise along all stages of the career development stages.
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We recently met a 42-year-old pharmaceutical employee who was promoted to commercial director of a European pharmaceutical company in Japan. In Japan, there is often a positive correlation between age and seniority. This gentleman was promoted because of his exceptional leadership ability. What are the characteristics of a great leader in Japan’s Pharmaceutical industry? Through qualitative observations, based on over 1,000 face-to-face interviews, Morunda KK has compiled the following eight characteristics of great leaders.   Read More >>

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The International Executive Search Federation’s (IESF) global meeting was held in September 2012, in Milan, Italy. One of the keynote speakers at the meeting was Peter Hägglund, an expert in leadership, governance and organizational behavior.   Read More >>

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Early this year I attended a conference on trends in Japan’s pharmaceutical industry. The objective of the conference was to determine what Pharmaceutical companies were doing in Japan to make themselves more competitive on the international stage.   Read More >>

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