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The smartly dressed man entered my office with a clear direction about his future. He was a marketing director of an American Pharma company, which was being acquired by another US company. It was the right time for a career move and the candidate knew exactly where he wanted to go.

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During the course of the meeting I thought I was the one being interviewed. He had a defined list of questions and goals of what he wanted to achieve. At the end of the meeting we made a list of target companies and worked out the best strategy to introduce him to these desired companies. I called the HR director at one of the target companies and explained I had a very qualified candidate who had specifically requested me to contact his organization. I gave enough background about the candidate quantifying the candidate’s achievements without giving any names away. Once we had gained significant interest we set up a confidential meeting.

We repeated this process several times and secured the meetings with his target companies. One of companies was indeed looking to restructure the following year and wanted the services of this excellent candidate. More meetings were held over the next few months and the marketing expert was given the exact position he was looking for as well as a 20 per cent salary increase. This candidate took a proactive approach. He had a clear vision of the type of position and company he wanted to work for.

With many people in the industry are revaluating their careers. “Is it time to step up?” you may ask. “What opportunities are in the market?” you may enquire. While others complain: “Why don’t I get the great opportunities?’’

Building a career is about being in the right place at the right time. It is also about cultivating the right attitude. The good news is with a creative approach to career development you can ensure you are in the right place. The above candidate was one step ahead of the competition. Here are the suggested steps to ensure success.

  • CHOOSE a recruiter you can trust. Interview the agent. Ask tough questions.
  • QUANTIFY who and what they know within an industry.
  • MAKE a list of target companies
  • WRITE your resume quantifying your accomplishments and achievements. Were sales increased? Were costs reduced? Was the clinical timeline shortened?
  • DON’T prejudge. Meet with the potential companies. Get all the facts before making a decision.
  • BE positive about previous companies
  • BE patient. It takes time when companies reorganize and restructuring.

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