Why Top-Tier Recruiters Must Embrace Their Creative Side

With a cursory glance, recruitment is easily defined. We’re here to help place candidates into the vacancies our clients need to fill. Armed with a pen and paper, you could even map out the process.

  • We study the market
  • We identify available talent
  • We screen and present candidates
  • We schedule interviews
  • We facilitate an offer
  • We help close the deal
  • We onboard the candidate

All that’s left is for the client and their new recruit to sail away into the sunset, hand-in-hand.

Success comes next, right?

I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, but the real world isn’t quite that simple.

The jigsaw behind modern recruitment

Replacing a top performer within an organization is not easy, and if you’ve ever had to fill an executive position, you already know just how chaotic the process can be.

Recruitment doesn’t follow a process.

There’s no “seven secret steps” you can obey to end the search for a perfect candidate.

In my experience, a jigsaw puzzle is an apt description of the executive search process.

Recruiters are there to help you sift through the mountain of pieces. Sorting through the masses of people to help you identify candidates with the right experience and expertise, the right cultural fit, and the right attitude to be a success.

It’s the job of a recruiter to help you complete the picture, assembling the team your organization needs to truly excel, in a marketplace that’s getting more competitive by the day.

Needless to say, a creative approach is paramount.

Defining creativity as “the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations,” I’d like to propose a thought.

Recruitment isn’t just a science. It’s an art form, with creativity at the heart.

Good recruiters do much more than follow a set of steps, as they genuinely want the best for both the candidate and the company. Truly great recruiters put their heart and soul into their work, and in my experience, it’s the great ones who are willing to embrace their creativity who really excel.

Because once recruiters start thinking outside of the box, that’s when it gets exciting.

Embracing a creative search

There’s more to finding a perfect candidate than reading a job description. You want a recruiter who takes a creative approach to the talent search process. You want a recruiter who not only understands the ins-and-outs of the industry but has the niche expertise and just “gets it.”

When a recruiter can interpret what you’re saying to uncover the exact attributes you’re looking for, you can bet the candidates sent through are highly-qualified for the role.

But not only this, creative recruiters are often two steps ahead. They don’t wait for a job opening to begin their search, they’ve been steadily building a pipeline of potential candidates, and know where to look and how to connect with potential talent, even in the most unusual places.

Because there’s more to placement than finding someone who can do the tasks. It requires a long-term vision, that involves asking the right questions, being able to “read between the lines” of what is said during an interview, and make a valid analysis.

  • Will this candidate stick around for the long term?
  • Will this candidate be a success in the new role?
  • Will this candidate thrive within the culture of the company?

Truly great recruiters are not limited by silo thinking, instead, use their creativity to find the perfect people to fit into an organization.

However, it doesn’t stop here.

Embracing a creative search also requires an ability to adapt.

There are very few constants in life, and one I’ve noticed in particular is people are in a constant state of change. During the search process, candidates will change their minds. It’s inevitable new applicants become interested, while others merely change their mind.

Decision making is a highly complex equation, and the best recruiters can help guide and navigate a candidate through the process. It’s a balancing act, and recruiters must be resourceful.

For an executive search to be a success, it requires a creative search. Fitting the right candidates into the right organization isn’t as simple as it initially appears, it demands a recruiter rely on all of their talent, expertise, and passion for the search – to ensure it’s a win-win for every party.

Embracing a creative pitch

Truly great recruiters have an uncanny gift to inspire, but once you break it down, I’ve discovered the key. It’s the ability to be creative in every pitch, that not only gets a candidate eager for the new opportunity but ensures the right placement within a company.

However, this approach doesn’t always come easy. It’s a balance of detective skills, the talent to sell and promote, backed up by a solid foundation in coaching.

Without a little creativity, pitches fall flat and land on deaf ears.

Because what you’re looking for is to get candidates excited. It starts with the creation of marketing materials for a candidate pool that charms and captivates. More than selling the company, the role, or the management, it’s finding a connection to spark a real interest.

Like watching a master artist bring objects to life on a canvas, truly great recruiters create a captivating story, so alluring potential candidates have to know more.

Psychology teaches us that people are all different, and what motivates one may be a deal-breaker for another. By getting engaged in the process, recruiters can uncover hidden motivations to target their pitch to a particular candidate better. The trick is to probe and enquire, and once revealed, use these motivators to create one-of-a-kind pitches.

For an executive search to be a success, it requires inspired pitches candidates cannot help getting excited for. Truly great recruiters find this balance, using scientific techniques while channeling the soul of an artist to really “speak” to a candidate, and get them excited.

Embracing a creative client engagement

The final step is a creative approach to client engagement. Truly great recruiters focus on being the eyes and ears for their clients in the employment market, developing a foundation of trust and expertise that often spans years of successful partnership.

Embracing creativity here requires a deep understanding of a client’s business, but not only that. The willingness to see the ambition and goals of the company, and the ingenuity to help guide the way.

Creative recruiters are the ones who push and challenge a client, in everything from their feelings and frustrations to their hopes and goals for the business. As a strategic partner for growth.

There is no room for yes men and women in business.

What’s needed are actual experts willing to stand by your company, through the good times and the hard calls, and develop a long-term relationship with a solid foundation of trust and mutual respect.

For an executive search to be a success, it requires a true partnership between a recruiter and a client. A shared understanding of the motivations and problems that exist, and a common desire to drive the hiring process forward, ensuring no wasted time along the way.

Why you need a creative recruiter

Developing a strategic relationship with a genuinely great recruiter is a critical partnership in the business world. Recruiters know their client’s success is influenced by the candidates they help recruit and retain, and finding extraordinary talent can make all the difference.

By embracing creativity at all stages of the creative process, you stand the best chance of attracting the best and brightest candidates and ensuring they stick around for the long term.

Of course, in business there are no guarantees. But let me tell you this.

Without a shadow of a doubt, your employees are all that matter. They’re the ones making the real difference, and once you start hiring the best people, you’ll stack the odds in your favor.


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