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Morunda is an executive search firm. Morunda K.K. (Morunda) aims to protect the privacy of personal data. This document outlines its policies relating to the collection, use, and transfer of personal data; the security measures Morunda employs to protect such data; and the candidate’s right to access the data.

Why is the information collected?

Morunda collects numerous types of personal data to enable the company to provide services pertaining to executive searches. The data are kept in a confidential database, accessible only by Morunda’s employees. The data may include: professional history, resume, and contact information.

If a candidate submits personal information via an email or an interview, the candidate has done so by his/her free will and may be considered in one of Morunda’s confidential searches. If the candidate does not wish to disclose personal information, then the candidate will not be eligible for Morunda’s positions because information such as employment history is necessary to be considered.

How is the information used?

As part of its executive search, Morunda may share the information with Morunda’s clients.

Morunda is committed to implementing appropriate data integrity and security measures to protect your information. Morunda will not provide any third party with personal information without obtaining prior approval from the candidate.

The personal information may be used in industry surveys, marketing, and employment statistics. The information in such cases is anonymous, i.e., the candidate’s identity is not revealed.

The IP address of the computer you use to access is not linked to any personal information you provide on the website.

Are the data secure?

Morunda has established an organizational structure to ensure proper management of personal information. Morunda will educate its employees as to how to manage and handle personal information in a proper way for daily business activities to prevent unauthorized disclosure of personal information.

Is the information accessible?

If requested to do so, Morunda will disclose all personal information it holds about a candidate. This information includes qualifications and business career information and will not include the personal opinions of Morunda’s consultants. If the candidate requests changes to be made to such information, Morunda will do so immediately. Morunda retains the right to revise your submitted data only to comply with its standard operating procedures.

Further information

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