About Us

We are a Tokyo headquartered executive search firm focused on the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Sector. We help foreign companies find leaders in Commercial, Medical, Clinical and Regulatory. We are especially strong at helping rare disease companies establish their Japanese subsidiaries.

Morunda has a deep understanding of the industry and is a consummate insider.  Morunda K.K. (Japan) and Morunda Asia (Singapore) work closely together – our consultants are experienced and committed to completing your search and have extensive, long-standing relationships with the best and brightest candidates in the market. This network enables us to understand our clients’ needs and quickly present exceptional, well-prepared candidates.

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With nearly two decades of recruitment experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry in Japan and Asia, we have the client-relationship expertise, knowledge, persistence, dedication, and diligence to ensure even the most challenging recruitment searches are successful.
Through our extensive contacts with the best, brightest, and most well-prepared candidates in the market, combined with the ability to fully understand our clients’ needs, we can quickly provide the perfect solution to your requirements.


Morunda is not only a recruitment firm, but also a source of information for candidates in the pharmaceutical industry who care about their careers. We strive to develop our best advise along all stages of the career development. We take the time to listen, understand and present opportunities to you when you are ready.

There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction. – John F. Kennedy

Trusted Partners

“Philip has exceptional knowledge of the Japanese Pharmaceutical Industry. Philip is also dedicated to advancing global business leaders’ knowledge and applied skills through his insightful articles. I have found the articles beneficial in both the business environment and as excellent discussion topics as part of the International Management course I teach at the University of Texas. I highly recommend Philip to support a company’s efforts to advance their firm with a “Global Mindset” staff and practices”.

Scott Manning, Lecturer at San Diego State University and former Country Manager of Alcon Japan

“Philip is extremely knowledgeable of the Japanese Pharma Industry and his articles are always very intriguing. He is certainly a person that can identify talent and professionals that could grow and add value to the hiring company.”

Masaki Nakanishi, Director of Business Development at AnGes, Inc.

Getting the Job Done!

Whether you’re looking for a General Manager to start your Japan operation, or a leader to your Marketing team to launch your product in Singapore, we’ll be able to help!