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Regulatory Affairs Head, JPAC for a European Biopharmaceutical Company

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1. The Brief

Regulatory affairs candidates are known for being conservative but our client was looking for a leader who would be a change agent for regulatory affairs. Someone who was free to explore, innovate, take thoughtful risks, and push boundaries. A candidate who can embrace a new era of regulatory affairs, with collaboration, creativity, and solution-based thinking. Not to mention, the client needed the hire soon as negotiations with the PMDA were starting to pick up steam. The client asked: is this mission impossible…?

2. Execution

We met with the Head of Talent Acquisition of the company who introduced us to the Japan Head of Regulatory Affairs and current head of JPAC Regulatory Affairs who was in search of her successor. We left the meeting excited with a clear picture of the candidate we will be targeting, and the scope of experience needed for the role.

The company asked Morunda to map out the market as broadly as possible.

  • Number of candidates identified – 135
  • Short listed (final) – 10
  • Weeks to complete the search – 6

The client moved through the process quickly, they were able to sell and present their firm in great detail and paint a clear picture of what success for the candidate would look like.

3. Result

Within 6 weeks our client landed their star. The talent acquisition team really hit it out of the park, with a quick, efficient and collaborative approach.

4. Impact

Having chosen a suitable successor, the ongoing JPAC Regulatory Affairs head was able to transition to a global role within the organization with ease. The new head of JPAC Regulatory Affairs was able to lead not only the Japan team but the entire region towards several strategic launches and was able to represent the region effectively in the global discussions. Years later, the candidate is continuing to make positive changes in the company and has since increased his effort to effectively represent the company from small communities up to the global stage.

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