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A guide to creating a compelling recruitment pitch deck

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In a competitive job market like Japan, the best candidates will have multiple job offers and endless opportunities. So how do you get them excited about your position?!

A stand out recruitment deck can form a powerful part of your strategy. It is a piece of collateral generally used to capture the interest of passive candidates and create a lasting first impression. Candidates are looking to make the best choice for themselves, their family and their future and the recruitment deck needs to show them why they should choose you.

Not all recruitment decks are the same

To take a recruitment deck from OK to excellent comes down to how well you understand what motivates your candidates. While on the surface, the deck will seem to be all about your company and the role, it actually needs to be all about the talent you are trying to attract. As you create your deck, keep your target audience in mind and tailor it accordingly.

Here are some tips for creating a compelling recruitment pitch deck:

Define your ideal candidate

The first step is to determine who is your ideal candidate. To attract the right talent, you will need to be crystal clear on who the right talent is and target them specifically. Identify the specific experience, skills and mindset that are essential for success in this role.

Clearly define what the candidate will need to achieve in this role. This can be achieved by outlining measurable objectives and performance indicators that align with the specific requirements of the organization’s goals and the needs of the role.

This will help you craft a pitch that not only attracts the right type of candidate but also helps them to imagine the positive impact they could make within the company.

Understand what motivates the candidates

Motivations vary from one candidate to another, and recognizing and appealing to these driving factors can significantly impact the success of your recruitment pitch deck. By delving deeper into the factors that inspire candidates, you can adjust the approach of your deck to ensure it resonates with top talent.

Consider these common drivers for candidates:

    • Career advancement and growth
    • Work-life balance
    • Alignment with company values
    • Compensation and benefits
    • Meaningful work
Showcase career growth opportunities

The best candidates have a five year horizon and expect to excel. They want to feel secure that their career’s future is in capable hands and that ample opportunities for growth and challenges await them. Use your recruitment pitch deck to show a compelling future with your company, the more specific the better. A clear career trajectory will not only attract top talent but help you to retain them for the long haul.

Articulate why your company is a great place to work

Japanese candidates are looking for work places that align with their values. They want to feel proud of their company and the impact they are having. Including this information also helps you to attract talent who will be a good fit for your organization.

Follow these guidelines to create a recruitment pitch deck that captures the hearts and minds of top talent. Start with your best foot forward, presenting a professional and compelling pitch deck that makes candidates feel understood and excited.


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