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3 ways to identify healthcare talent with a global mindset

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Finding talent with a global mindset is crucial for international companies operating in Japan. An executive from a European pharmaceutical company once told me that his company’s biggest recruitment obstacle is finding candidates with the right mindset who have a modern management style. By that he means people who are able to lead, focus on customers, and work with a global perspective.

Not only do healthcare companies need talent with industry experience, excellent communication skills and leadership abilities – they also need leaders who can adapt, have a global business savvy and a deep awareness of diversity across cultures and markets.

What does a global mindset look like?

Dr Gary Ranker defines global mindset as “the ability to step outside one’s base culture, and to understand there is no universally correct way to do things”. 

This type of perspective is one filled with interest and curiosity, not bound by local views and a willingness to learn from a wide range of people and cultures. It also includes a capacity to manage different cultures and different worldviews.

Japanese modern society is deeply influenced by its rich history, with a vast respect for its cultural legacy and heritage. Ancient customs combine with modern advancements to create a culture that expresses itself very differently to traditional Western ways. It takes great cultural insight for international companies to thrive in Japan.

3 ways to spot a global mindset

So how do you find that ‘one-in-a-million’ global leader? Here are 3 things to look out for in your recruitment process:

  • Multilingual ability

This might seem obvious, but it’s important to distinguish between fluency in English and a ‘multilingual’ ability. The best global-minded players in Japan will not only speak English but communicate effectively with a wide range of speakers. This means excellent language skills, but also an ability to create an intercultural workplace where cultural nuances and communication styles are embraced.

  • International business experience

You need leaders with a sophisticated understanding of global industry and an intimate knowledge of the local Japanese market. Look for candidates with an understanding of global, regional and local trends. Priortise talent with international experience who know what it’s like to work for a multinational company and already have exposure to global thinking and business.

  • Global perspective

This refers to someone who can view the world through a global lens. The way they approach a problem takes into consideration the nature of the issue globally. It’s about seeing beyond Japan and understanding the connections between people, economies, politics and industries at a much broader level.

A ‘must-have’ when building your team

Hiring leaders with a global mindset is the key to succeeding in Japan. You need candidates with local mastery and connections, as well as an ability to excel in international business and cross-cultural relationships. 


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