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5 must-ask interview questions to identify top talent

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You have shortlisted candidates that you want to invite for an interview. But what are effective questions that will actually help you make an informed and confident decision? Finding top talent is hard, and you don’t want to miss out on a great candidate or hire the wrong person just because you didn’t ask the right questions.

Here are 5 questions that we have identified reveal top talent:

“What do you like about your current or recent employment?”
Employees stick with their employers for a reason. Is it the role, culture, manager, or team? By identifying what the candidate likes about their current role, you gain insight into what they might expect at a minimum from a new employment opportunity. Take this into consideration when you prepare your offer. It’s also not uncommon for less desirable candidates to gossip about their current employment. This is a red flag. Chances are they will do the same in a new role.

“How has your contribution made a positive difference in your organization?”
Individual contribution and proactiveness are vital for a positive work environment and career growth. If the interviewee can demonstrate how their work has helped achieve company objectives, you are on the right path. You likely want them to repeat this behavior in your organization so listen out for those contributions.

“Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?”
Quality candidates think twice before moving jobs, so it is almost guaranteed that they will think years ahead. What are their career ambitions and do they fit into your organization? If you and your candidate are on the same page regarding the future at your organization, you are in good hands.

“Other than remuneration, what is something that you value in your work?”
We all need to generate an income to cover our expenses, but senior leaders and executives work for more than just a paycheck. By asking them about their values and motives, you can quickly assess if their character is a cultural fit for your organization.

“How would you approach the following scenario…?”
A great way to assess a candidate’s problem-solving skills is to present them with a scenario. Present a company goal and ask them how they would achieve it. Observe their approach and reasoning. If they show creative ideas and ways to solve a problem quickly, you have a potential high-value leader.

You know that making the right hiring decisions is what will move your organization forward.
Focusing on experience alone disregards cultural fit, and although experience is great on paper, it often underdelivers compared to a loyal and dedicated team member. Open-ended questions give the interviewee an opportunity to express the way they think and approach challenges.

At Morunda, we specialize in finding candidates ‘in the market’ and ‘on the market’ to help pharmaceutical organizations grow. If you want support in not just finding a candidate but the right candidate, book a discovery session with our team today.

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