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Mission impossible: Finding the right leader to launch a disruptive medical technology into Japan

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Recruiting in Japan is tough enough, but add an imminent major product launch to the equation and it becomes mission impossible.

At least that’s how our clients felt when they came to Morunda for help. 

This medical device startup from the US was looking to enter the Japanese market. The launch of a new pulmonary device was approaching and they needed a Japan General Manager to oversee a successful launch and a pipeline of related products planned for future launches. They had already spoken with several global recruitment firms but realized they needed local knowledge, that is when they turned to Morunda.

Here was the wish list:

  • Bilingual
  • Bicultural
  • Experience with startups
  • Experience launching a previous disruptive medical device technology

There aren’t many people in Japan that fit that description, so we got to work. We met with the COO based in the US and got an understanding of the technology, short and long term business needs, and how a Japan GM could help with these goals.

Once we were armed with the right information, we were able to work alongside the COO to create a compelling pitch deck that clearly explained the company, the tech, the vision for Japan and the ideal candidate.

Creating a compelling pitch deck

The purpose of a pitch deck, also known as a candidate sell deck, is all about getting a candidate excited about the position. In a tight labor market like Japan, it is even more important to attract the right talent with the right messaging. Recruitment is marketing, and all good recruiters must excel at marketing.

 Here are some questions you should consider answering when developing a pitch deck:

  • Why is your company a great place to work?
  • What is the company’s vision, mission and values?
  • How does your technology/company improve people’s lives?
  • What is exciting about the position?
  • What are the short and long term goals of the position?
  • What are the growth opportunities and career trajectory for this position?

After we had created our compelling pitch deck, the next step was to map the market. We identified 59 potential candidates. From this number, 6 were shortlisted.

6 weeks later…

Within 6 weeks, the startup had interviewed the candidates and landed their star! And the best part is, the new Japan GM hired several former colleagues to further build up the organization – proving once again, that top talent attracts top talent.

If you’re feeling like filling a position is mission impossible, we can help! Tap into our combined 75 years industry experience and local knowledge, book a discovery session with Morunda. Make the best hiring decisions.

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