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10 steps to finding a regulatory affairs director

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Does this sound familiar? We once met a HR director from an international pharmaceutical company who had met with dozens of candidates in an effort to fill a regulatory affairs director position and had yet to extend an offer.

Compliance is the kind of thing that keeps you up at night. So finding the right regulatory affairs director is essential. Your regulatory affairs director will be your guide as you navigate local laws and regulations. They will be key in ensuring product approval, market access and business expansion.

In short, they are critical to your organization’s ongoing success.

So it’s no wonder finding a regulatory superstar is complex. You need the right blend of regulatory expertise, experience, communication skills, strategic thinking, and a global mindset. The problem is everyone is looking for their own stand out regulatory affairs talent. As one position is filled, another opens.

We helped that HR director find her regulatory affairs director. Here’s how we achieved that:

1. We met with the key stakeholders to understand what the position required over the first 12–24 months. What is the person going to have to achieve in the short term?

2. With those key stakeholders, we created a compelling message for candidates that highlighted the company’s strengths, both worldwide and in Japan. Our experience shows that candidates are interested in reporting line, management responsibilities, the company’s pipeline and career growth. We searched for aspects of the business in Japan that were remarkable, unique and attractive.

3. Next we identified the best people to conduct the initial interviews from within the organization. We wanted to present the company to the candidates in the best possible light. First impressions count; it’s important that the position’s importance is demonstrated to the candidates.

4. We organized a 10–15 day window to conduct the meetings. We’ve seen many great candidates lost because of a slow and non-focused interview process. Everyone who has “buy in” to make the hiring decision must be on the same page. Our motto is “strike while the iron is hot.”

5. Preparing to present the company with a target list, we searched the market for the best possible candidates. We gathered a short list of excellent candidates, meeting and thoroughly screening them prior to their meeting with the company.

6. All the candidates received a consistent and targeted message. We kept the position confidential until a candidate is interested in the opportunity. We want a limited pool of candidates to get the right message!

8. We guided the candidates through the process, troubleshooting and negotiating the conditions of the offer.

9. Once a superstar candidate had been identified, we presented the company with an on-boarding strategy.

10. Upon acceptance of the offer, we worked with the candidate to ensure a smooth transition. We followed up continually with the candidate to ensure that they had the support they needed to succeed.

At Morunda, we connect top talent with world-changing healthcare and pharmaceutical companies in Japan and Asia-Pacific. We have a large database of candidates both ‘in’ the market and ‘on’ the market, so that you can find your next superstar. Book a discovery session today.

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