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3 common mistakes made when hiring a leader

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Not all leaders are good leaders.

Perhaps you’ve lost an important executive or you’re establishing a local leadership team. You know that the leader you choose will have a major impact on the organization. So how can you avoid hiring the wrong person?

A Gallup poll found that only 18% of managers displayed a high level of talent at managing people. That’s a huge 82% who lack management skills. This statistic reveals the need for a careful and strategic approach to leadership hiring.

These are 3 common mistakes we see that prevent organizations from hiring effective leaders.

1. You’re focussing too much on what they have done (not on what they will do)

Overemphasizing a candidate’s past accomplishments rather than evaluating their potential for future success is a common mistake in leadership hiring. While a stellar track record and glowing references are essential, a leader’s soft skills are much harder to capture on a resume. Use the interview process to gather more detail on the leader’s adaptability, strategic thinking, communication style and ability to inspire teams. Their potential to problem solve, cast vision, and lead people will all be far more important than a list of past achievements.

2. There is a misalignment on values and mission

The significance of leadership hiring and cultural alignment can’t be underestimated. Engaging top leadership that aren’t on board with the values and mission of an organization is a recipe for disaster. Direction usually comes from above, so having visionary leaders who can confidently guide the company in the same direction is important.

3. You just want to “fill the position” rather than find the perfect fit

An unconscious problem that many recruiters face is adopting a “fill the position” mindset. In an eagerness to find a leader, it can be easy to overlook red flags or even minor concerns. The candidate’s compatibility with the team and organization become less important to you than sealing the deal. Resist the temptation to settle for an average candidate and invest the time in finding a leader who will excel.

Hiring for leadership roles is both incredibly important and incredibly difficult. Which is why so many companies get it wrong – and the repercussions can be substantial.

Avoid making these common mistakes and let Morunda help you find the right candidates. You know all too well that securing top talent is the key to increasing market share in JPAC. Book a discovery session today and make sound hiring decisions.

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