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How to paint an irresistible picture of success

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Too often, recruiters are more clear on what a position will ‘do’ rather than what it will ‘achieve’.

Outlining tasks and responsibilities takes priority over goals and impact.

But to attract top talent, you need to define and explain what success looks like. While candidates will be interested in what the day-to-day role entails, a far more compelling picture is painted when you explain the success and impact they could achieve.

By shifting the narrative, recruiters inspire candidates by showing the meaningful contributions they can make and appeal to them on a deeper level.

Know what success looks like

It will be impossible to paint a picture of success without getting clear on what it looks like first. From the very beginning of the hiring process, as you craft a position description, determine how this role will contribute to the success of the company. Here are some questions to consider:

  • What do you expect this candidate will achieve in 6 months? 12 months? 
  • How will success be measured and evaluated? 
  • How does the role fit into the company’s larger vision and mission?
  • What impact will this person have on the team, project, trial, roll-out, approval etc?

Keep it consistent and compelling

Once you’re certain about what the position will achieve, consider how to communicate this in a way that will inspire, motivate and attract top talent. 

Make sure that the picture you are painting is consistent throughout the hiring process. From job description to interviews to job offer to onboarding – at every step remember the power of communicating success and weave it throughout.

Consider how you can describe the position outcomes in the most compelling way, perhaps through the use of employee stories or tangible impacts. In a competitive job market like Japan, selling the position in an intentional way can allow you to stand out. Check out this blog post about how to think like a marketer.

A note on keeping it realistic

In your effort to win over a candidate, it’s also important to not ‘over-sell’ a position. The talent needs to know all the benefits and opportunities of the position, but they also need to know realistically what to expect otherwise it is unlikely they will stay long. So while communicating the success of a role is vital, it’s equally important to be upfront and transparent about any challenges ahead, and how rewarding overcoming them could be.

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