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Positioning your company as an employer of choice

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Your reputation as an employer matters.

A survey completed by Indeed found that 95% of job seekers found a company’s reputation was an important consideration.

When top talent is a scarce commodity, companies need to do more than just make an offer. They need to focus on boosting their reputation as an “employer of choice”.

Employers of choice are known as being an organization someone would want to work for. Positive work culture, attractive benefits, opportunities for growth, and making a genuine impact are all indicators of desirable workplaces.

Pharmaceutical companies entering into the Japanese market have their work cut out for them. As an unknown employer, they need to work extra hard to communicate their value as a legitimate and attractive option. This is even more important in a job-for-life labor market with limited job mobility.

Four tips for building a reputation as an employer of choice:

1. Create a strong employer brand

Do you know what your reputation is as an employer? Have you asked past, current or potential candidates what their view is on your organization as a workplace? Understanding this will help you identify what you need to address or reinforce in your employer branding.

Many pharmaceutical companies in Japan are not priortizing employer branding and so this is an opportunity to stand out. Start talking about the great initiatives or incentives you’re offering staff. At the center of your employer brand is how you take care of your employees. Share real life stories, appoint employee ambassadors, be present at industry and networking events. 

2. Lead with values

Too often potential candidates don’t understand who you are or what you stand for. Communicate your values to appeal to candidates who will be a good cultural fit. Pharmaceutical companies can communicate the impact that their new technology, device, drugs, trials will make on the medical industry and on patient care. Invite talent into this mission, showing them the difference they could make on a large scale through their work in your organization.

3. Ongoing growth and development opportunities

Candidates want to know that their career is in safe hands. The promise of ongoing employee development is appealing to top talent who want to grow professionally. Make this a part of your employer brand, confirming your commitment to development and learning and providing tangible examples.

4. A positive candidate experience

When candidates have a bad interview process, it can leave a bad impression of your organization. Similarly, if a candidate has a positive experience they will be more likely to accept a position – or to recommend your organization to others even if they missed out on the role. Respect candidates time, communicate consistently and clearly, build a relationship and keep the process personal.

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