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The three stages of resigning from your company

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There are three stages of the resignation process that usually happens when you tell your boss and colleagues that you are going to resign.

1. Shock and disappointment.

Your boss may be upset, jump up and down and make all types of strange noises. He might make you feel guilty and even offer you a better position. But we must ask ourselves, “Why did they not offer this before?” You’ve made your decision and stick with it. Be strong, the boss’s outburst will not last. It is important to understand that people can be emotional and take things personally. However, after the initial shock, most will understand that it is your decision and that they will wish you the very best

2. Acceptance.

Your boss and colleagues will over time come to accept that you are leaving and this is really happening. People will start to make plans for the transferal of your work and position. Life moves on. Nobody is irreplaceable.

3. Support.

The company will support your decision and wish you well. They will focus on the excellent contribution you have made to the company. People will wish you well and want to stay in touch. In the end the people that matter will support you

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